Jewellery with a purpose

Handmade jewellery made with love and a passion for my culture and the environment

Each Bell Curve Jewellery piece is hand made by me.  I use a range of materials to craft my jewellery including fabrics that have been recycled/upcycled from clothing or other items; jewellery findings; beads; wood; metal; glass and more.  

I am interested in creating jewellery with a view to reusing/re-purposing materials from other items or found materials.  This may involve carving jewellery from wood that has been reclaimed from old furniture pieces or banging out metal pieces from old tins or pots and pans.  The opportunities to create something new from old, are endless.  My hope is to encourage a reduction in waste going to landfill through demonstrating how everyday items, especially old clothing, can be given new life and that new life can be something beautiful. 

I also have a passion for sharing my Aboriginal culture through my designs.  Being able to incorporate my Aboriginal inspired designs into wearable art has been a dream for many years and to have the opportunity to bring these creations to life where others can enjoy them is very exciting.  

hand painted, sewn and beaded by me

Nature Range Necklaces

hand painted, sewn and crafted by me

Tribal Design Necklaces

hand painted, sewn and beaded by me

Tribal Design Earrings

Can't get enough of these

Wearable art